Main / About Company / News / On April 10, 2018 the hotel ''Four Seasons Baku'' welcomed the seminar “Effective safety for corporate users” organized by Softline company.

On April 10, 2018 the hotel ''Four Seasons Baku'' welcomed the seminar “Effective safety for corporate users” organized by Softline company.

On April 10, 2018 the hotel ''Four Seasons Baku'' welcomed the seminar “Effective safety for corporate users” organized by Softline company.

The leading suppliers of safety solutions, such as Forcepoint, TrapX and Softprom company were the partners of the seminar. During the business part of the seminar the IT experts spoke about the importance of information security and the state-of-the-art safety solutions designed by Forcepoint and TrapX companies.


Alexey Lozikov, the expert from Softprom company, presented the solution from TrapX and gave a detailed explanation about the safety systems for detecting the new generation cyber attacks.


TrapX Security is a global leader in the field of deception technologies. Their solution DeceptionGrid provides detecting violations and taking preventive actions in the real time. The technology is based upon emulation - fake actives that look and work exactly like the real ones, mixing up with the real information and technical resources of the corporate network. The attackers contact the emulation, which activates the confidential alert message and can split the attack. With DeceptionGrid it is possible to set hundreds or even thousands of traps with minimal efforts. The technology creates a field of virtual mine for cyber attacks and immediately warns you about any fraudulent activity.


“A poster with a very expressive caption “User is a fool” that I saw ten years ago in one of the large Russian companies is unfortunately still very relevant. The borders of modern companies are totally blurred, the far-reaching cyber attacks happen more and more often. Virus epidemics, cheaper tools for attacks, targeted attacks as a means of competitive fighting, and many other problems currently exist. That is why businesses are forced to look for different approaches to information security systems. At the same time a human’s behaviour was and still is an unsolved problem, and in most companies they don’t even know what to do about it. Statistically, more than 70% of information safety-related incidents involve improper actions of users. At the same time, 90% of users, including myself, have a very vague idea about what is happening in their ultramodern information system. It means that in case of any off-normal situation the actions of the users are completely unpredictable and out of control. We believe that the purpose of the modern means for information safety is to minimize the risk that the employees, unqualified in information safety area, will make a mistake. This is what we call “labour protection” concerning IT. It is not even an exaggeration. There are many examples when the price of the human mistake is comparable to a breakdown of expensive equipment, and worse than a fire for the company’s reputation. Ten years ago a company’s information security was provided by an antivirus and a network firewall at best. Now we have an impression that information systems are protected much better. IDM, IPS, Sandboxing, vulnerability scanners etc. - yes, this is a long list, but, in fact, the most vulnerable link of the chain was and is a human”, said Alexander Belkin, the Forcepoint regional sales manager in Russia and the CIS. “At the seminar Softline and our company were raising awareness about how efficient in business the security systems are. It is essential to implement them to protect your business”.  


Seimur Mustafaev, the technical director of Softline company, also commented on the event: “During the seminar we drew attention to the topics that seem to remain the most important ones in the near future. We also presented some state-of-the-art solutions in the field of information security”.


A lot of representatives of local companies, IT security experts and IT executives visited the event. All of them had an opportunity to ask questions to the speakers and the representatives of the information security solutions producers.