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Softline Provides Productivity Apps by Subscription to the International Bank of Azerbaijan


Softline announces the completion of the Office 365 implementation project in the International Bank of Azerbaijan. As a result, the client’s IT infrastructure has been optimized and the employees are now able to effectively collaborate on documentation.

International Bank of Azerbaijan is one of the largest national credit institutions. The bank includes 36 branches and 95 points of service in Azerbaijan, and representative offices in the CIS and Europe.

The client needed to ensure timely communication between the employees of all branches and reduce the time required to solve tasks by providing employees with shared access to documents from mobile and stationary devices. At the same time, the configuration of IT services had to meet to corporate security policy. Softline, which had concluded the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement with the bank, was chosen as the project partner. 

After the IT infrastructure audit, Softline specialists offered the client to switch to Microsoft Office 365, a solution that features always-up-to-date local Office apps and a unified administration center enabling the system administrators to simplify the account management processes. With the possibility of connection of up to 15 user devices by one subscription, the solution reduces the cost of corporate communications in all business units of the client.

Softline engineers joined their forces with the IT Department and Security Department of the bank and quickly deployed Office 365 without key IT service downtime, configured the authorization procedure and provided users with access to the applications.

The project has been implemented in conformity with the bank security standards. When the process configuration was completed, Softline employees trained the Client’s IT personnel and explained how to use and support the services.

The result of Office 365 implementation was that the bank employees received simple and efficient productivity tools that have improved the business process efficiency. The most important benefit was the possibility of accessing necessary files from any devices and from anywhere in the world.

“It was the first time we implemented Office 365 in Azerbaijan. The result of Office 365 implementation was that the customer received a toolkit that increases the business process agility and meets the security requirements applicable to banking industry,” — said Nikita Musin, Microsoft Office 365 project manager, Softline.