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Rauf Gasanov, Head of Technical Support and Control Division, AtaBank

AtaBank would like to express its gratitude to Softline Education Center for organizing a course for the bank employees. Advanced professional training is an important component in any business. Personnel training should inspire the employees to continue their professional growth and achieve new goals. It is especially pleasant when training courses are easy and interesting — and Softline courses never fail to meet our expectations. We have been working with Softline since 2007, and we would like to thank you for cooperation and understanding.

Rashad Ibragimov, Head of the Administrative Division, Expressbank JSC

Expressbank searched for the most effective document processing automation solution and decided to address Softline International — the largest software provider in our country. Softline helped us select the most suitable product — a popular electronic document workflow system named WSS Docs.

Orkhan Badalov, IT Manager, Azerbaycan Senaye Bankı

We consider Softline to be one of the most competent IT service providers on our market, and the works performed by the partners’ specialists under the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) for Microsoft software delivery prove it again. Both the software components and the contract terms completely meet the strategic goals of our company.

Idrak Akhundov, Head of IT Division, Bos Shelf

We are satisfied by the outcome of our cooperation with Softline. The engineers of this company meticulously audited our infrastructure and offered an excellent optimization and development solution. Now, when the project is over, we are sure that our core IT systems are reliable and fault-tolerant. Active Directory catalog service has become more stable, and the fault tolerance of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 has been improved.

Farid Zeynalov, Head of IT Division, Bank Standard

The most important task of the Bank’s information security service is to build an effective security system protecting the corporate information resources and compliant with the international security standards. In their work, Softline employees follow a comprehensive approach to task resolution and prove their proficiency, which fully meets our requirements.

Arzu Ismailova, Chief Accountant, Karasu Operating Company

I have learned about Softline Education Center quite a long time ago, and I was very glad that it launched the ACCA courses. Before that time, I would have to fly to Moscow, and now I was able to attend them here, so I am genuinely happy with it. The courses conducted by Rafik Tagiev, a Softline Education Center trainer, completely met my expectations. The course was very interesting, the trainer answered all questions and shared his experience of working in a financial institution.

Samir Ismailov, IT Manager, Engin

I would like to state that, in my opinion, I have a long-standing experience of working with Softline. What was the field of our partnership? Courses and trainings for me and my employees, software ordering and purchasing, requesting assistance and consulting of high-qualified IT staff to solve more or less important problems. The quality of service in all fields is beyond all praise, and the prices are reasonable. There is also one thing money can’t buy — pleasant and warm communication with a team of IT professionals.

The ITIL Foundation training course that I attended was led by Sinan Aliev, an ITIL Expert. I would like to thank him for the capability to vividly explain this rather sophisticated and very extensive subject. During the course, we felt as if we were at a tea meeting of old friends discussing their everyday living.

Samir Abbasguliev, Business Development Manager, Windstop

Implementation of a project management system powered by Microsoft Project is an important stage of our company development. We received a management tool that enables both the control of the project progress and proactive change management to maintain the quality of service. We would like to thank Softline for the high quality of service and wish you every success!

Emin Khudiev, Statoil Azerbaijan

I am completely content with the quality of courses. The trainer was very friendly and positive: he was on the same wave with us, provided comprehensive answers to our questions, and listening to him was very interesting. I would be glad to attend more CIMA courses in Softline Education Center, and I would like to see Rafik Tagiev as a trainer again.

Ulvia Ragimova, Azercredit company

I liked very much how Softline Education Center trainers conducted the courses. I felt that the trainer had not only solid theoretical knowledge but also knew well the practical side of the program. I would like to thank the Softline team for productive work and high quality of training.