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IT Service Management

We are at the edge of the Everything-as-a-Service era. Be it cooking and serving a steak in a restaurant or data center component management — everything can be a service.

The secret of successful service management is to meet the client expectations. To do this, you need an effective IT process framework. Managing people that manage technologies via IT processes is the core of IT service management.

ITSM (IT Service Management) is an IT infrastructure management concept with a strategic focus on providing services that meet the expectations of service consumers.

What are the ITSM implementation benefits?

For line managers and business owners:

  1. Information Technologies solve the business tasks.
  2. Quick response of IT services to business requirements.
  3. Reduction of business risks related to IT.
  4. Improving the IT productivity.
  5. Eliminating hidden and unplanned IT costs.

For IT services:

  1. Increasing the IT service performance.
  2. Improvement of understanding between business and IT.
  3. Easier to substantiate the IT costs and align the IT and business development.
  4. Possibility to assess the contribution of IT services into business development.
  5. Increasing the user satisfaction by the activity of IT department.
  6. Improving the IT infrastructure manageability.
  7. Transparent distribution of functions, duties, and responsibilities between employees.

For users:

  1. Increasing the user quality of service and satisfaction.
  2. Reducing the downtimes caused by IT services.
  3. A single support service handling all types of requests.
  4. Transparent request resolution progress tracking.
  5. Guaranteed request resolution in compliance with the service level agreement.

ITSM by Softline:

  1. ITSM process development, implementation, and localization to meet the needs of every client.
  2. Creating a full-scale Service Desk in 1 to 6 months.
  3. Special offers for SMBs.
  4. Monthly consulting on the improvement of implemented ITSM processes.
  5. Personnel training and further support.