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Project Management

The growing complexity of managing projects has increased resources requisition from diverse locations for execution of tasks with specific deadlines and budget limitations. This has inevitably increased the probabilities of slipped deadlines, cost over runs and most alarmingly the adverse implication of returns on investment. A solution to the complex issue of the tri-fold integrated management of resources, activities and time is the streamlining and organization of projects by digital project management software tools.

Project and portfolio management (PPM) software has become a collaborative tool for ensuring everyone is on the same page with risk mitigation measures and delivery dates complying with deadlines. The scope of project management planning, monitoring and configuration of tools includes milestone tracking of resource and task as well as cost management. The ability to formulate and plan different if-scenarios enables resource and budget optimization and early pre-emptive risk mitigation measures for delivering winning projects.

Microsoft’s Project Portfolio Management positioned as a product leader in the industry, includes Microsoft Project on premise and as a cloud subscription through Office 365. The app integrated with SharePoint Server provides a feature-rich collaborative information platform.

Benefits of Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management

PPM Made Easy

The simplicity of the tools from the front-end interface, built-in templates, scheduling tools and information accessibility from multitude devices for all project team members sustains high project productivity on the go. PPM is available on Windows, iOS and Android devices. The extension to portfolio-level enables a wider scope of concurrency at enterprise level.

Centralized Scheduling, Resourcing and Problem Solving

The centralized base of project information such as scheduling and resourcing enables faster and more effective problem solving resolutions. The speed in accurate and comprehensive information retrieval facilitates increases the robustness of problem solving processes and resolutions.

Economic Benefits

Office 365 PPM available as a cloud-based SaaS offering makes infrastructure and software upgrade costs reduced considerably. The additional synergies with Office 365 products and integration with SharePoint and Power Bi enhances information sharing and analysis on a consolidated Microsoft-powered platform.


The core value of project management practices and technologies is an ability to track easily things like resource allocation, current status of works, upcoming deadlines both on upper level and in-depth.