24x7 service support

Softline service support includes:

  • Maintenance of the entire client infrastructure
  • Unified online technical support service. Support via Internet, round-the-clock phone, or email

Optimal technical support

  • A dedicated service to receive and resolve technical issues via phone or email
  • Access to Softline technical support website
  • Resolution of unclear technical issues
  • Comprehensive information about supported software
  • Each client receives dedicated technical managers and engineers that render all support services included into the agreement

Resource technical support means providing the services, competences, and knowledge of Softline technical specialists to the client for a limited period of time. Customers can use this offer to:

  • install and update software;
  • install and configure new software;
  • change the software versions;
  • perform basic administration or uninstallation tasks;
  • implement a project;
  • provide standard technical and consulting support;
  • audit the clients’ IT infrastructure.

Our support services can include case-by-case technical and consulting services.

Hardware support and maintenance: hardware technical support enables the reduction of emergency system outage due to prompt visits of high-qualified engineers that can replace faulty equipment.

  • Guaranteed faulty equipment replacement deadlines.
  • Equipment repair and recovery works are performed on the client site.
  • Equipment of many vendors is supported.

Peripheral equipment technical support

Full spectrum of repair, scheduled and predictive maintenance works of any complexity for office equipment in order to ensure its uninterrupted operation.

The main benefit of Softline is multi-vendor technical support: we can solve cross-vendor issues without escalating them to manufacturers.

Softline delivers technical support for the products of the leading software manufacturers: