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Phases of SAM Project

1. Selection of Inventory Tool 

Softline experts have mastered a wide variety of technical tools, and they can help you choose the optimal inventory tool taking into consideration the unique features of your business. And if you already have some tools that can be used for inventory installed (for example, Microsoft System Center), we will be able to use them and make the most of their functionality.

2. Inventory

It is impossible to reveal many problems by looking from the inside, and during the inventory process our task is to independently assess the IT infrastructure of the client from the outside. We analyze the software on user PCs, servers, as well as the relations between them, and provide a summary report following the results of the survey. 

3. Legal Analysis

We compare the purchased and used licenses and perform comprehensive legal risk analysis basing on the contract documentation. Many contracts include peculiarities and hidden risks, and we draw your attention to them. Sometimes the value of these risks exceeds the sum of all others, including technical ones.

4. Organization of Asset Management Processes

It is not enough to put software into order one time, it is also necessary to ensure that your infrastructure remains in order after the end of the project. For this purpose, our specialists meticulously study the software asset management process – the entire software lifecycle in the organization, starting from decision making process and up to write-off. We review the software-related internal regulations, procedures and instructions and suggest how to improve them (for example, to avoid violation of vendor licensing requirements or eliminate the possibility of accidentally writing off software when decommissioning hardware). We also implement technical tools for SAM process support, which allow to minimize the human factor and avoid software management errors. 

5. Certification

Optionally, the client can receive a documentary proof of completed work. We are able to assist you in acquiring the following certificates: 

  • certificate of compliance to the international SAM standard ISO 19770-1; 
  • Business Software Alliance (BSA) certificate – the certificate that can protect from certain inspections during the next 2 years; 
  • certificates from particular vendors – they can make you immune to vendor inspections for a specific period; 
  • certificates for employees – they provide the possibility to complete Softline Software Asset Management courses and prepare for the Microsoft SAM exam.

6. SAM and IT Consulting 

SAM is for long and for real! Full support of software assets management process is interesting for the companies that have achieved a mature level of IT but do not want to hire a full-time expert for IT assets management. Inventory takes an instant “shot” of IT assets condition where permanent support looks more like a video surveillance all the time. 

Types of SAM Implementation

The perfect way to quick start
Specialized Solutions
SAM Box for Oracle
SAM Box for SAP
SAM Box for IBM 
SAM Box for VMware 
SAM Box for Autodesk 
SAM Box for Adobe
Microsoft SAM Services
Microsoft product and license inventory
SAM Cloud Ready
Cloud readiness assessment
SAM Cybersecurity
Reveal cybersecurity threats caused by counterfeit and out-of-date software 
SAM Express
Quick documentation analysis
Revisiting database licensing
SAM Virtualization 
Licensing optimization in virtual environment
SAM Project
Comprehensive approach to IT asset management
SAM Success Fee 
Payment for success: the project costs depends on the actual project payback
SAM Support
SAM offers long term ongoing support of software asset management processes