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Electronic Archives

Electronic archive of documents is a system of document storage in electronic format, which provides:

  • Centralized safe storage and processing of documents at all stages of their life cycle;
  • Privacy and access rights restriction
  • Tracing the history of document usage
  • Easy and fast retrieval 
  • convenience and retrieval rate;
  • reduction of operating costs of workflow management;
  • Reduced risk of loss and damage of original documents;
  • Centralized access to documents from geographically dispersed units.

You need an electronic archive if:

  • there is no unified system of documents archive database, as well as control over it;
  • important documents are lost;
  • It takes much time to find and process documents.

Components of the electronic archive system:

  • Document input. Scanning of single documents and stream data input, recognition of formalized and unstructured documents, verification, adding to the archive database.
  • Documentation search and view module. Context search, search by document requisites, combined criteria search.
  • Request processing module. Collection of information on access to documents in the electronic archive.