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Portal Solutions

Corporate portals enables solutions of many tasks, including:

  • Teamwork on projects
  • Creation of a unified information storage
  • Request handling
  • Formalization of HR processes, personnel adaptation and development
  • Internal PR

When implementing a portal solution:

  • operational costs are reduced due to increase in the information support level and improvement of internal communications;
  • employees get convenient access to the necessary corporate information;
  • time spent for finding information, documents and employees in the internal network is reduced;
  • IT resources utilization is increased through optimizing development costs;
  • single point of access to corporate information is organized;
  • many internal business processes are automated;
  • Increased search effectiveness.

Having the extensive experience in the implementation of portals on different platforms, we often deal with the following types of projects:

  • Corporate portal implementation from scratch
  • Portal migration to a new platform
  • Certain modules development on an existing portal
  • Portals support.