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Cloud Solutions

Is your business growing together with the IT costs? Do you want to save on the purchase of software and hardware? Are you tired of wasting time and energy on an independent IT organization, but want to enjoy the benefits of new technologies? Softline offers efficient cloud services for the modern business!

Use corporate applications, databases, and documents wherever you are - in different branches, countries or on different continents!

Software as a service. The provider delivers pre-configured software applications for the client’s use. Applications like CRM, collaboration, document processing and ERP are just a few examples of what can be offered in a SaaS model. This model is well suited for clients who are looking for a managed service with standard applications for business use and who want short deployment times.

Infrastructure as a Service. In IaaS “Infrastructure” refers to all IT infrastructure components, including servers, networking, storage, security and so on. The service provider provides the client with the infrastructure components housed in its data center. All of the physical hardware is owned by the provider and used by the client. This model is suited for clients who want to take control of their IT without capital expenses and the hassle of managing a data center.

Platform as a Service. “Platform” in PaaS is about the computing platform. The provider supplies the operating system in addition to the infrastructure components provided in IaaS. This model is well suited for clients using custom software applications.

Desktop as a service. DaaS is a virtual desktop infrastructure in which the VDI is outsourced and handled by a third party. A Desktop-as-a-service provider typically handles storing, securing and backing up a user's data, as well as upgrades for the DaaS service and supported applications.


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