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Corporate Portal

The increasing digitalization of both business and lifestyle has brought intranet portals and public web sites to a role of a central hub for internal and external communications and facilitation of process-driven workflows both within and external to the company. Intranet portals helps enterprises build employee engagement as a communications vehicle for sharing information, process management, reinforcing employee benefits and opportunities. Similarly, public websites are important as they connect business with stakeholders especially customers.

Microsoft SharePoint Online is the choice of medium and large enterprises for intranet and portal solutions combining content presentation functionality with top class workflow management capabilities. SharePoint’s continued strong track record succinctly explains the reasons for being the leading player in the industry. The large number of successful intranets and web portals powered by SharePoint is a testimony of its robustness and reliability. Softline, as Microsoft’s established partner is here to help you on your journey in establishing intranets and web portals. We understand that not all companies have the required expertise and as it will take measurable time to build an effective web portal that yield results. Softline has the expertise and experience to overcome any such challenges and will ensure your success.

Based on SharePoint platform, Softline offers its own collaboration portal software DeskWork.