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Smart Parking

IoT helps to regulate the congestion of parking lots, in time informing drivers about the current situation with free places in the center and helping to free roads for urban traffic.
According to the report of Worldwide Smart Cities: Energy, Transport & Lighting 2016-2021, published by Juniper Research, intelligent traffic management and parking systems will save about 4.2 billion man-hours per year by 2021. It means that every city driver in the world will be able to save 24 hours per year!

How it works?

In order to relieve the central streets of private transport and reduce the number of violations of traffic rules, the technologies of the Internet of things are used in combination with traditional network services. Load of car places are tracked by sensors, drivers are guided by signs and parking lots, and the situation is controlled by the dispatch center. If the car leaves the parking space, it becomes instantly known. Information is displayed online, on information boards, at the dispatcher.
Important requirement is energy efficiency: sensors installed in the pavement should serve for several years without requiring replacement of the battery.

What in the end?

As a result of the introduction of such system, pedestrians should win first of all. The city space is freed from spontaneously parked cars. City transport moves faster, the streets are more convenient for walking. City authorities get a constantly current picture of traffic, and law enforcement agencies - a good tool for prevention and investigation of violations.