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Smart Power Networks

One of the serious issues that smart technologies must solve is a new system for supplying settlements and enterprises with energy. Modernized power supply networks allow to produce, distribute and expend energy more efficiently, reliably and economically. It is due to the fact that information has been collected about all processes in real time.

How it works? 

A smart power supply network must be saturated with elements to measure its topological parameters in order to evaluate the state of the network in different situations. To manage network elements and settings of energy consumers, a hardware and software complex is required to collect and process data. To make decisions, you need tools to automatically assess the current situation and build predictions. And for the implementation of these solutions, mechanisms are required that can change topological parameters and interact with energy objects.

Efficiency: supplying enterprises and network companies

The introduction of smart technologies in power supply will help supplying enterprises and network companies to increase the accuracy of accounting, reduce the number of losses and theft of resources, equalize the load by flexible tariffication of end users (zones, time of day), bills for actually transferred energy and reduce costs of processing Information by economic units.

Efficiency: industrial enterprises 

Smart power supply networks show themselves well in production: they allow to reduce the total energy consumption, switch to flexible tariffication, control the consumption of sub-subscribers and individual units, reduce the number of errors with manual data input and subsequent processing of information.

Efficiency: management companies and consumers

End users also benefit from the introduction of a smart network. In the automatically formed accounts for electricity will be the order. Due to the possibility of controlling the balance of consumption in the home, as a whole, embezzlement of resources is excluded. Reduces the labor costs of personnel of management companies and losses due to waste of energy.