Smart House

A smart digital home is a home designed to improve comfort and security, save resources and make life easier.  Imagine: you no longer worry whether the iron was turned off, because you can always check it using a mobile device, the house always has the optimal temperature, and for resources it is not paid a single extra penny.

The automation system controls lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy and water supply, electrical appliances, video surveillance, and alarms. Depending on the purpose, different equipment is used: motion, temperature and humidity sensors, timers, control devices, power and load regulators, and controllers, which, using sensor data, can control several systems

Save resources

Residents of the smart house always know how much it consumes resources. You can set up notifications and get complete and clear statistics, control expenses and forecast them without overpaying your bills. The system may not to turn on heating while the owners are at work, and by the time of their return to return the desired temperature.

Monitor remotely

To manage curtains, lighting and appliances, indoor climate and garage gates is possible from the screen of your phone or tablet. smart house will clean up, make sure that the pets will feed on time and it will pick up a movie for evening family viewing.

Respond incidents

In the case of fire, flooding or other emergency, installed equipment will help to quickly react and prevent the growth of the incident.