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Smart Data Center

According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, by 2019, 86% of all workloads will be processed by cloud data centers. And it  means that more and more high-performance data centers will be required with a thoughtful infrastructure: today, business needs not four walls with a cooling system, but effective and manageable solutions. Therefore for placement of data of the company smart data-centers are choosing more often.

Smart data center provides an interactive control panel, on which you can monitor the status of all its elements. Three-dimensional visualization allows you to explore the server room and racks in detail, project a thermal map, output video from cameras, notify the dispatcher of important events such as overheating, equipment failure, increased electricity load, smoke, condensation, unauthorized access, etc.

Better security

Security systems in smart data centers are becoming more complex. Now this is a multi-level defense, each layer of which is integrated with others. These are closed systems of video surveillance, archiving and monitoring 24/7 and biometric security systems, for example, using gap scanning. Thus, all possible security holes are closed.

Maximum automation

Modern data center management platforms can monitor the operation of the equipment themselves due to the high intellectual component. It will save on power supply and maintenance personnel and warn about changes in parameters or irregularities in work on time.

Monitoring systems will also be able to predict when it will be necessary to increase the productivity of the data center, and also predict the need to expand its capacity and productivity.