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IT ServiceManagement (ITSM)

ITSM (IT Service Management) is a concept that covers services deployment and automation, management and maintenance. The ITSM system implies shifting the focus from the technologies to business processes. ITSM implementation involves the ITIL knowledge base, which is a description of the best practices in the work of IT departments.

Package of ITSM solutions allows building of an effective system for IT services functioning monitoring - from designing a service approach to automating the key functions.

Benefits for Business Benefits for IT Benefits for Business Users
  • IT focused on business problems
  • Dynamic response of IT to business needs
  • Thorough reduction of business risks connected with IT
  • Better IT productivity
  • Elimination of hidden and unplanned expenditures for IT
  • Optimization of IT staff work
  • Improvement of quality of services
  • Enhancing efficiency
  • Objective assessment of IT services quality and the work of IT service operation by key performance indicators
  • Improvement of user interaction
  • Decrease in non-productive working time 
  • Utilization of accumulated experience
  • Improvement in service
  • Reduced downtime 
  • Centralized support service for any requests
  • Traceability of the requests

We have extensive experience in ITSM deployment, competence of leading IT vendors, highly qualified team of experts and specialists. Softline specialists have implemented a number of large-scale projects in IT infrastructure and processes management (ITSM).