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Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA)

Microsoft SPLA Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) licensing program is intended for companies providing access to products and services powered by Microsoft technology to their internal and external customers. 

For providing services to external clients. Using SPLA licensing you can provide services on Microsoft platform to external clients: deploying a private or public cloud, offering SaaS solutions or renting PCs / servers with preinstalled software. SPLA program offers good opportunities to work with Microsoft solutions for telecommunication operators, Internet providers, service providers, system integrators, operators of data centers, independent developers etc. 

For holding structures the program can be an alternative to traditional software acquisition. To use the SPLA for providing access to IT solutions the internal users need to allocate an internal service provider (it should be a non-affiliated organization) and become an SPLA partner of Softline. Deploying a private cloud will reduce the cost of workplace maintenance and allow to respond quickly to any changes due to the service-oriented model of software consumption.