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IS Response Centre (SOC)


SIEM (Security information and event management) – is a analytical system intended to manage security system events in an organization. The solutions of this class view data from all cybersecurity systems and, according to certain criteria, monitor deviations. If the analysis discovers deviation, the system will create an incident, and then helps in its investigation, providing all the necessary data.


Security as a Service is the natural and cost-saving solution for companies that have already transferred part of their infrastructure and business applications to the cloud. Antiviruses and mail traffic protection systems appeared in the cloud format long ago, and as the systems and technologies migrate to the cloud infrastructure, all new SECaaS services appear.

Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence needs to be introduced if your company requires a deep understanding of the state of all IS systems. Solutions of this class will help to construct architecture for the collection and processing of all data about the operation of security systems. These are SIEM data, reports on abnormal situations, response and incident analysis, management of logs and settings, and removal of vulnerabilities. Information is analysed on three levels: operational, tactical, strategic.