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Information Protection

Data Leak Prevention

The task of DLP-system is control over information leaving the company premises. DLP solution is a set of approaches and methods that enable you to recognize and classify information, as well as apply various rules (security policies) to these objects at attempt of unauthorized sending outside the company, from notifications to locking.

DLP solutions analyse mail, web traffic, messaging programs, cloud storages, removable media, and so on.


Efficient addition to DLP, Information Right Management (IRM) system, which differentiates access rights (usually to files inside the company and enables us to restore the entire history of data access.

Secure Data Exchange

Employees send and receive large files from partners and colleagues in any company. Another aspect of data exchange is the sending of text messages, voice and video in communication systems.

The following solutions are offered for reliable and secure data exchange:

  • centralized file exchange: the data is safe on company’s servers or in cloud storage;
  • secure communication systems: protection of sent information (files, text messages, voice and video communications) both on devices and while sending via the Internet.

Classification of Information

The classification of information is usually the first step in its protection. Which data is confidential and requires protection should be determined with high accuracy. Specialized software will be helpful: there is a certain class of systems that allows you to automate the process of classifying information and involving business users.