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Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management systems are unified digital document management solutions that implement the paperless workflow concept.

Key benefits:

  • Business process transparency, improved business manageability.
  • All corporate activities become transparent and more controllable.
  • Increasing the reliability and confidentiality of data storage.
  • Digital document storage increases the storage reliability by many times.
  • Increasing the employees’ performance discipline.

With electronic document workflow systems, managers can control all work phases, which improves the employees’ performance discipline.

  • Reduction of time costs for employees and their managers
  • Electronic document workflow systems considerably reduce the time spent on such routine operations, as document creation, approval, search, and reporting.
  • Increasing the employee qualification.
  • Implementation of innovative solutions improves the overall employee proficiency.
  • Collaboration on documents.
  • With document workflow automation, several users can work with the same file at the same time, and also search them in a single document database.

WSS Docs is a SharePoint-based electronic document workflow system that automates all standard document management processes.

In our opinion, WSS Docs has the richest and most flexible functionality among all SharePoint-based electronic document workflow systems. WSS Docs is notable for high performance, reliability, extensive and rich set of capabilities.

Companies that use WSS Docs

In Russia (150 companies)

  • Energostroyinvest Holding
  • Russian Alcohol Group
  • Nycomed
  • Tez Tour
  • Delta Credit
  • The Voice of Russia

In Azerbaijan

  • Express Bank
  • Karasu Operating Company
  • Shirvan Operating Company
  • Binagadi Oil Company
  • Neftchala Operating Company
  • Absheron Operating Companyonic documnt management (ECM)