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Web Services Security

Web Applications Firewalls (WAF)

Today web applications are exposed to a number of threats against which they cannot be protected by traditional firewalls. Here the Web Application Firewall can be useful, a protective screen for applications exchanging data via HTTP and HTTPS. Modern WAFs operate not only at the level of signatures (this allows reliably detecting known types of attacks), but also at the level of business logic.

Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Today it is easier to commit DDos attacks than ever before, and threats are becoming more critical. According to Arbor Networks, Verisign Inc. and some other companies, there are about 2000 DDoS attacks a day, and an attack that can "put down" a small company for a week costs only $150.

In order to protect corporate Internet resources against DDoS attacks, we offer customers not only an extensive portfolio of software and hardware solutions, but also services to establish the organizational processes necessary to maintain a constant level of security.

Technical Analysis of Security, Penetration Tests

We conduct more than 50 tests annually: we check the security of individual systems, web or mobile applications, we conduct a comprehensive audit of information security of the largest systems of the international level. We are trusted by thousands of customers around the world. Payment systems and remote banking systems are among them.

The deepest security analysis is provided by penetration tests. Investigating the weaknesses of IT systems from the outside, we reproduce the actions of the attacker and look for vulnerabilities that he/she can put to use. As a result, customers receive an exclusive picture of information security systems with identified weaknesses and recommendations for their elimination.

Code Analysis

The analysis of program code with security in mind is rarely given due attention (as opposed to functional and load testing). In order to analyse the code of complex modern systems consisting of many interconnected components, we offer analysis tools. Most of them can be used both in the software development process and for the audit of ready-made software systems.