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Access Management


Identity Management System (IDM) provides control over accounts and access management. By monitoring out-of-date accounts and accounts with excessive privileges, IDM systems allow increasing the level of information security and at the same time simplifying business processes. 

Single Sign-On Technology (SSO) complements IDM. Once the session is logged in, the user works with all applications without the need to additionally verify the identity.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is also used for access management. With its help, the mechanisms of two-key cryptography are safely used in distributed systems.


Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solutions are used to prevent potentially dangerous actions of system administrators, engineers involved in network equipment configuration, and other specialists having advanced access rights.

Access Auditing to File Resources

It is necessary to assign and distinguish access rights and documents modification for users and roles, as well as monitor and log all actions with file to protect file resources. We offer solutions that can assist in organizing the control of file resources by assigning and distinguishing access rights to data. Interested parties will also be given detailed accountability of all the facts of files reading or modifying, changing of attributes, etc.