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Smart Street Lights

Managing the lighting of a whole metropolis can be as simple as a switch in the living room. And most importantly, the smart infrastructure, although it requires the initial investment, quickly pays for itself and starts to bring benefits.

40% of the costs of state structures for electricity are in street lighting. In European countries, this figure is $ 13 billion annually. Therefore, the ideas for the introduction of smart technologies into the city infrastructure are increasingly become real. 

How it works?

To realize smart street lighting, LED bulbs with wireless controllers are used. Savings are achieved through the automation of lighting control processes, reasonable energy consumption, longer lamp life and less personnel involved in maintenance of the system.

Lamps turn on and off when it is necessary. The monitoring system will track the status of lamps and equipment, remind about maintenance, notify about the problems at transformer stations, warn about unauthorized connection to the transmission line, and if it is necessary call a repair team or send a call to law enforcement officers.

Where it is applicable?

IoT technologies in urban infrastructure are already being actively introduced around the world! The flagship is Europe, there are implementations in Israel, the USA, Australia, Japan, India. And the fact is that smart lighting combines high efficiency, performance and obvious benefits for the environment, allows us to say that in the long term these technologies will be introduced almost everywhere.