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Smart Building

The building of the office center can help to work fruitfully! The tasks set by the owners are to increase the comfort, safety, and efficiency of resource consumption. A comprehensive approach allows you to save up 40% of electricity and a third of the consumed water.

Smart building systems, as a rule, include the management of ventilation, heating and air conditioning, water supply and sewerage, electricity and lighting, security, access control, video surveillance, fire safety, etc.

Differences in the approach to building management

According to research by Schneider Electric, the construction and commissioning of the building is only 25% of the cost of the entire life cycle of the building. The main expenses are for maintenance. The desire of building owners to save often leads to the fact that they make attempts to integrate the simplest systems of different manufacturers.

As a result, expenses can even grow: disparate networks and communications, staff maintenance and training, difficulties in diagnosing and troubleshooting, and lack of a single control room lead to additional expenses. A properly integrated system should consist of one single platform running one dispatcher.

How smart building is arranged

Sensor systems are integrated in the smart building systems, which transmit information about temperature and humidity, the level of illumination, and the number of people in the office to the central control system. The system can independently regulate the climate in the office, control light devices. The central control point also receives information on the state of engineering networks, communication systems, and data from video surveillance cameras. The components of the smart building perform a variety of tasks - everything depends on the needs of the customer.

Benefits from the smart building

How soon will the smart building pay off? It is not worth waiting for a quick return, Western specialists in this area forecast a return on investment 5-7 years after the introduction. But there is also a positive effect that will manifest itself almost immediately: the fact was fixed that in smart buildings the productivity of office workers increases (by 5-10%), it means that the company's business processes will accelerate.