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Careers at Softline

Softline knows how to discover and develop the talents of every employee. This approach helps Softline to achieve all its strategic and operational goals from year to year. Our employees in any department are professionals that solve any tasks, develop their skills, and enjoy their work. In our company, you can accomplish your highest ambitions and unleash your potential.

5 Reasons to Work at Softline

Be a leader

We are the leading international IT company. Our branches are located in 30 countries.


Work in a strong team

Join a tight-knit team that accomplishes their goals. Our staff combines the unique knowledge of experienced employees and new ideas of younger ones.

Realize your true potential

The advantages of Softline as an employer include work with the latest information technologies from leading IT vendors, efficient marketing, high quality management, and corporate culture based on open communication with top management.

Learn something new every day

You need to always learn to be the best. Our company supports both professional and personal development of employees.

Work with pleasure

Working in Softline is both morally and materially satisfying.


Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility projects are an indispensable part of our initiatives:

  • Softline Azerbaijan regularly sponsors chess tournaments for children;
  • Our company participates in environmental campaigns — every year we collect and send office paper for recycling.

Current Vacancies:

Network Security Specialist

Office Manager